The Schroll Group provides you with advice and support to set up your office waste management arrangements

  • Do you wish to organise the recycling of your office waste?
  • Are you looking for a way of securely destroying your confidential documents?

Paper, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, plastic cups, spent batteries and light bulbs, IT hardware that has reached the end of its life … these are just some examples of the types of waste generated by administrative departments on a daily basis. After conducting a study, we will offer you a comprehensive service customised to your precise needs or our Recyparc service, which is specially dedicated to professionals wishing to bring their waste to our site themselves.

And Neutralis® will securely destroy your confidential documents and materials.


Tailored solutions

Whether providing appropriate equipment or the complete management of your waste, the Schroll Group will offer you the level of service best suited to your organisation and its objectives.
Security, advice, meeting our commitments and compliance with regulations form the foundations of our relationship with you.

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Office waste management

We offer an à la carte collection service: according to a pre-established schedule or on request… it all depends what you need.

  • Introduction of sorting at source

    • The Schroll Group proposes a range of containers: eco-cartons battery boxes, boxes for light bulbs, bins for non-returnable glass, sacks for plastic cups, crates for IT hardware, etc.

  • Storage and collection

    • We propose various types of highly effective equipment: compactors, skips, containers, bins… ask us for our advice.

  • Archive clearance

    • We collect them from your premises and take them to our production sites.
      We offer an à la carte collection service: according to a pre-established schedule or on request… it all depends what you need.

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Destruction de documents confidentiels avec la société NeutralisDe l'enlèvement à la destruction des documents confidentiels

Société du Groupe Schroll, Neutralis® vous garantit, sur votre site ou sur ses plates-formes protégées, un service de destruction sécurisée de vos documents confidentiels par un matériel de broyage à la pointe de la performance.


Une solution « spéciale pros » pour éliminer et recycler vos déchets

Nous avons réorganisé notre accueil sur le site de Strasbourg ; Recyparc, c’est un accès facile, un déchargement facilité et sous abri, des tarifs compétitifs, un recyclage optimisé…Simple et vraiment efficace.